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My Experience and Recap of LA Startup Weekend 2011

My Experience and Recap of LA Startup Weekend 2011

I participated in my first Startup Weekend (@) this past weekend. The basic idea of the weekend is simple - create a company in one weekend. The project I worked on was HealthySurprise.com - a healthy snack subscription service. I worked on a team comprised of @ and @. I had a great experience and will definitely be involved in Startup Weekend next time around. For those not familiar with Startup Weekend check out my summary of how it works below.

How Startup Weekend Works

  1. Signup
    The cost for LA Startup Weekend was $99/person. When you sign up you either identify yourself as a technical person (engineer), designer/product person or a non-technical person (marketing etc...). LA's event was held at Santa Monica's Coloft (@) and was limited to 100 people split between the above disciplines.
  2. Idea Proposals 
    Everyone who has an idea is given a couple minutes Friday night to propose their idea in front of everyone. Everyone participating in the weekend is given two votes for the ideas they like best. The top 10 ideas become the team leaders and ideas that are built during the weekend.
  3. Create Teams
    The individuals who proposed an idea that was selected become team leaders and are in charge of creating their team. Teams can be whatever size and really depend on the skill sets needed to build the product you're working on.
  4. Build
    All day Saturday and Sunday is spent at the Coloft working with your team members to build your product.
  5. Present
    The weekend is capped by presentations in front of a panel of judges. This event was streamed live by TechZulu (@).
  6. Winners
    After seeing all of the team presentations the panel of judges vote on the best companies of the weekend. The results of the judging are below in my tweet:


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