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Shipped: StoryBots Share Timer for iPhone

Shipped: StoryBots Share Timer for iPhone


Today I shipped my third StoryBots iOS app app (see first two). Share Timer for iPhone is a very simple app that helps parents facilitate sharing between their kids.

For those unaware, StoryBots is a monthly subscription for parents who have kids ages 2-6. One monthly fee unlocks all the premium content in all of our apps. Our app offering is split into education/entertainment apps for kids and utilities for parents. Share Timer falls into the parent utility category.

The goal of this app was simplicity and speed. After signing into the app selecting which StoryBots characters (i.e. kids) you'd like to use, the only action a parent has to take is adjusting the time (defaults to previous used) and selecting GO.

Once the timer is running a full screen visual countdown displays so that the parent can see how much time is left even if the phone is at a distance. Fun robots and sound effects then chime in during each turn and when the time is up to provide auditory feedback and also engage the child in the app.

As simple as the app may seem there was a lot of unexpected complication involved in building this app. The biggest centered around the apps need to run in the background.


One of the most useful features in iOS is also the most frustrating

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