SmackTweets (no longer live) was a side project I created with my friend Travis. We started working on it in 2011 as a passion project that solved a problem we shared. Later that year we both left our day job and spent 4-5 months focusing on building out the product and trying to get into a Los Angeles accelerator program. 

While ultimately failing to raise money I learned a great deal about presenting and pitching through the process. In addition, we would have been in trouble about a year later when Twitter's TOS around the real time stream was updated and would have caused us to be in violation.

Overview of Product

The purpose of the product was to create a better experience to consume the real time web on Twitter around defined verticals. The MVP product focused on the NFL vertical.

SmackTweets aggregated tweets of 2,000+ NFL "insiders" (every active player, coach, team staff, pundit and beat writer), overlaid context of who each "insider"  was on top their tweets and then surfaced the best conversations and media they shared in real time.



Homepage - Weekly Matchup Listings

Showed matchups that week. Clicking matchup would provide Matchup View.

Matchup View

Displayed the "insiders" tweets of the two teams in the matchup. A user could filter the stream by tweets of the official teams, players, team staff and team beat writers. The real time stream had an overlay of the "insiders" team association using the official team's Twitter avatar and included the "insiders" details (i.e. player and jersey number) in the top right of each tweet. This view also had metadata about the game including countdown to the game, start time, location, television network and weather conditions. 

League Wide Stream

During offseason when NFL games weren't being played this view became the homepage. It allowed users to view all NFL "insiders" across the entire NFL.

Team View

The Team view listed of all NFL teams by division and displayed the percentage of players from the official roster that were on Twitter. Clicking through to the team's permalink page would show a live stream of the "insiders" of that team.